HR Management System


We built a low-cost, low-maintenance HR Management system to help companies manage their employees and save time. We have focused only on those core features tha will make it super easy to automate administrative processes while reducing overheads. Stay connected to a centralized system that can be accessed anywhere in the world.

The Benefits

Make your employees' HR information available 24/7 by providing them with their own HR portal. As a company, you can see the entire organisation's information at a glance. Imagine a streamlined online process that removes the tedious administrative bottlenecks for; Leave Requests, Meetings, Disciplinary Action and support requests.

Key Features

  • Finance Management

  • Real-Time Chat

  • Resource Planning

  • Support Center

  • Receipts: Print & Email

  • Reports

  • Leave Management

  • Project Management

  • Acvitity Logs

  • Appointments

  • Notifications

  • Employee Portal

  • Attendance Management

  • SMS Support

  • Payroll Management


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